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s ●can enjoy a bri〓ghter future.H●i-growth for emer●ging marketsBeij〓ing has embar◆ked on South-S◆outh Cooperat〓ion to boost trade◆, investments ○and infrastructure■ building i〓n Africa an〓d So

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uth America.Ch〓inese companies are ○exploring ◆new regions to op◆en up manufac○turing zones, tap in〓to natural resource◆s and to devel○op a growing ●consumers' base ●in the emergi●ng markets. ■Cameroon, located i

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n◆ Central Af●rica, offe●rs major opp○ortunities for Chi◆nese firms."It◆ is a grea■t pleasure t■o partner with C○hina Unicom and Hua○wei Marine● Networks on b◆uilding th○e SAIL cable ■system," Ema〓ne told Glob


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a○l Times.He● added, "When● it is compl◆eted, it will p○rovide new i●nternational〓 connectivity ○to facilitate b●and-width de●mand between○ Africa and s◆upport the ◆booming economie○s in the two cont●inents."I


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e serv〓ice and the Int?/a>

e◆nt state, Cameroo●n's cables can not ◆support all the tel〓ecom connectio●ns in the count○ry. SAIL can b■uild capacity

to ●meet nat

馿rnet.Huawei Marin〓e

ional cove○rage.China● Unicom, the■ world's 4th-lar◆gest mobile servi〓ce provider by sub◆scriber base, w●ill extend its


Networks will uti●lize

Br●oadband Network (NBN◆) to Camer○oon.Training Camero■on's futureConst〓ructing infrastruct●ure that includes ■telecom

an adva◆nced 100G

networks ?/p>

technol■ogy system w○ith

馻long with roads〓 and railways in Afr〓ica can help peop〓le on the ◆continent rise a◆bove poverty. But 〓Africans also■

need better ed

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○ucation an○d job skills to su◆cceed in our gl■obalized economy.○Huawei Technologies● has invited● young Came●roonians

to p●artic

irs that ho○lds a design c■apa

ipate ◆in a training proje●ct, known a■s "Seeds of the Fu〓ture," accord■ing to Busin●ess in Cam○eroon Websi●te.After a

city - ◆32T-bit/s.SA○IL

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careful ◆selection proc◆ess, 10 yo◆ung Cameroon●ians will receive〓 information and co●mmunications ◆training (ICT) at H○uawei's headqua〓rters in S

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henzhen○, China.Tr○ainees wil◆l participate in a○ 1-week program, a■ttending lectur〓es and practical c■lasses to stre○ngthen their knowl◆edge,

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accord〓ing to Li Dafeng, se○nior vice pres◆ident of Huawe○i Group.Students c◆an also int■eract with ◆Huawei's engineers ○and learn more ○about th

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e latest i●nnovations developed○ by the hi-●tech giant●.SAIL connect■ionsConstru●cting an undersea f〓iberoptics ●cable line is no◆ easy task, ●e

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